FITNESSALLDAY BY ASIA LLC




- The fitness center is open for memberships, training and classes. You must register for any class due to limited capacity until restrictions are totally uplifted.
- Class size is limited to 20 students in a class.  We will keep COVID-19 protocol and social distancing practices in place.

- Please only bring what you need for class. If you are able to, please leave big purses, phones, etc. in the car or at home.

- We are requesting students, trainers and instructors wear a mask in the reception area before and after each class. Masks are NOT required when practicing, but you are welcome to wear one.

- When you come in for class, please check-in and sanitize hands. 

- For the time being, students will be required to bring their own props and mats to class. We will allow the use of fitness center weights and blocks, which will need to be cleaned by the students after each class.
- The fitness center will be getting a weekly deep cleaning. In addition, the fitness center will sanitize common areas and items used in between each class.

- Please wipe off and sanitize equipment after each use as a courtesy to others.
- If you do not feel well or you have been around someone who has felt ill, please do not come into the fitness center. 

- If you are NOT comfortable with students not having on masks during class, please do not come to class.